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Slimming Endermologie Treatment

Ideal for beauty conscious men and women, to get rid of stubborn fat in your waist, back, stomach, thighs, chest, etc that doesn't come off from exercise and diet. Reduce cellulite and lighten swollen or painful legs. Designed to be safe, effective and natural, the slimming endermologie treatments are time tested and clinically proven to show results in as little as 3 sessions. Join 70 million men and women in 75 countries who have chosen endermologie over other aggressive alternatives. Moreover, enjoy the treatment in the relaxing environment of Caressaa Beauty Clinic and let our therapists take care of your every beauty need. Made in France.

Time: 30 minutes



Shaping your body was never this easy

Patented technology works on both releasing stubborn fat and skin quality. The exclusive technology includes a patented roller and motorized flap that works in rapid suction action to naturally loosen and release fat from the fat cells for a slimming effect. At the same time, it works on stimulating skin cells (called fibroblasts) for a rejuvenated skin. A complete 360 degree solution in one treatment delivered in a relaxing spa like environment. You no longer have to choose between slimming or firming - you get both benefits in one go.


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