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Anti-Ageing Endermologie Treatment

Enjoy smoother and firmer skin, improve complexion, reduce double chin and achieve an overall youthful look with our exclusive anti-ageing treatments. Our advanced endermologie treatment from France is safe, gentle, involves no chemicals or invasive procedure. Time tested and clinically proven to show results in just 1 session. More than 70 million treatments are being delivered each year world wide. Now join men and women in 75 countries who are choosing endermologie over other ineffective or unsafe alternatives such as laser and surgery to achieve their beauty goals. Come enjoy this amazing treatment in the relaxing environment of Caressaa Beauty Clinic and let our therapists take care of your every beauty need. Includes FREE skin consultation.

Duration: 30 minutes


During each endermologie session, the motorized flaps work externally to reactivate your  internal cells to rejuvenate the skin in many ways at once. By triggering fibroblasts, cells increase the production of anti-ageing proteins such as collagen (firmness)elastin (suppleness), and hyaluronic acid (volume and hydration), making your skin naturally younger, firmer, softer and glowing with a radiant complexion.

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