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Instant Skin Brightening Treatment


Transform your skin into brighter, radiant, glowing, smooth and soft youthful skin with this luxurious skin brightening treatment. The 2 part treatment combines potent body wrap with heat therapy for visible results in just one session.

The treatment starts with the application of a luxurious black mask to the body. This award winning special black mud mask is made in France and perfected over 30 years of research and development. The black mask is naturally rich in a wide range of minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants essential for skin health and beauty.

Following this, you will relax in the Dermalife Spa Capsule to detoxify, oxygenate, moisturize and deeply nourish your skin head to toe. The Dermalife Spa Capsule, a FDA approved device made in the USA, is equipped with Infrared heat and vibratory bed to improve blood circulation, increase cellular function and boost skin repair and rejuvenation, while leaving you relaxed and pampered. All this is under the supervision of qualified therapists to make your experience enjoyable and one of a kind.

Duration: 90 minutes

Collections: Body

Category: Body

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