Grooming Tips For The Work Place

Grooming Tips For The Work Place

July 22, 2016

Impressions matter! Be it first or last. For working professionals, your personality creates an impact in and around your workplace. From your face to your choice of clothes, everything matters. Its not just about impressing your boss but looking good will make you feel good too. Basic grooming habits will go a long way helping you look and feel your best.

Here are 6 daily grooming steps you can't afford to miss

1. Facial hair: Shave every day morning, without fail. Morning stubble makes you look like a person who can't plan his morning. If you can't plan your morning, you send the message that you are unfit for bigger things. If you sport a beard, keep it trimmed and groomed. We have all had beards at some point in our lives. But remember, beard makes you look older. So if that's not what you are aiming for, get rid of it. Complete Shaving Guide

2. Hair: Shampoo and condition your hair every other day. If you lead a active lifestyle, sweat a lot, or have oily hair wash it daily. After washing hair, style it to look professional. If you have heavy hair fall, consider a proper treatment to get it under control. Complete Shampoo Guide

3. Skin: Rough dull skin is not acceptable if you put in a lot of face-time with clients, bosses and colleagues. 3 things you must do everyday to make the best possible impression. a. Exfoliate (remove) dead damaged skin cells. b. Day Time: Apply moisturizer and sunscreen c. Bed Time: Apply moisturizer or anti-ageing cream (if you are 30+)

4. Body: Body odor is a strict no-no. Don't leave home without a shower. Use a gentle body wash which doesn't leave your skin dry and itching. Apply a body moisturizer with minimum fragrance or using high quality oils to moisturizer your skin. Excessive hand washing tends to make men's hand look dry and aged.

5. Hands: Hands get special mention as they are noticed either when you are in meetings taking notes, gesturing or shaking hands. Make sure your hands and nails appear smooth and clean by moisturizing and trimming your nails. And don't forget to keep that handshake firm.

6. Eyebrows: Men's eyebrow hair tend to grow haywire. Trim your eyebrows once a week to keep it in shape. That's it. Hope you take these steps to help yourself out. Let us know what you are using and what your daily regimen. If we like, maybe we will do a feature story on you.


#1 Always wear a undershirt. Keep spare shirt and undershirt at work. On days when you sweat a lot, change your undershirt and shirt at the office.

#2 Get a good hair cut every 4 weeks at a good salon. Ask the hair dresser to show you how to create practical styles for work. A couple of hundred rupees extra for a good salon is the cheapest investment you can make in looking good.

#3 Use a good underarm anti-perspirant instead of a deodarant. While deodarants hide body odor, anti-perspirants stop you from sweating and yellowing of clothing.

#4 Don't wear cologne to work. Save it for when going out in the evening. Your favorite cologne may give others a headache. Let your great personality draw attention, not the cheap cologne.

#5 Keep a separate kit for the gym. This way you don't have to keep moving products in and out bags. 

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